How Do You Know When To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency

Technology has dramatically evolved to the extent of having cryptocurrency that can earn you a fortune. Investing in cryptocurrency can be a wild ride; having a plan to execute before buying and selling is the real deal. If you plan to invest in this volatile stock, it is highly recommended you purchase and hold it for already a period; it is a good rule.

Unfortunately, the traditional restrictions don’t apply here since crypto is an utterly different market. But they have a few similarities; like in any other market, cryptocurrency’s value is affected by demand and supply. If demand increases higher than supply, prices will go up. This stipulates that buying happens when cryptocurrency is high and selling when prices tumble . To know the best time to sell and buy its important you become a crypto native such as Alex Gierczyk. Alex has an incredible amount of experience within the crypto world and provides great insights.

How Do You Know When To Buy Cryptocurrency

The best time to buy cryptocurrencies is when you are ready after researching multiple coins. The rule governing buying crypto is don’t invest the amount you’re not willing to lose. If you plan to buy a little bit at a time, the best chance is practising dollar-cost averaging. This way, you have the power to regulate the volatility of your expense.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cryptocurrency

There are several criteria to consider before acquiring crypto; they include;

  • The amount of money you are investing, surrendering all your savings to crypto investment is a wrong move. The rule that governs crypto is to have not more than 5-10% of your investment portfolio in the market.
  • The features that make this crypto worth investing in don’t let the hyper surrounding sweep you away; instead, research to help understand, especially if long-term investments are involved.

How Do You Know When To Sell Cryptocurrency

The following are the right situation to sell your crypto; they include;

If the value has either doubled or tripled since you bought them

If your investment has increased in value, it is high time to consider auctioning a portion of your own total. This is because of how unstable crypto is; profits can disappear as quickly as they came. For the future sake, take some of your earnings as a hedge in case of possible losses.

If you have found better investment

Currently there are multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology unfolding rapidly as compared to previous years. The competition is stiff and if one crypto surpasses the other, especially in your key area it is wise to sell and invest in something productive before it totally crushes where you might end up losing you money. In short if the grass is greener on the other side, switch sides.

If you no longer perceive it as a long-term venture

Most people are very passionate about the cryptocurrencies they purchase, and knowing when to cut your losses can be pretty difficult. The most important lesson before investing is knowing when to cut loose. Getting overly attached to this field will cause you losses. Here are several signs of a collapsing cryptocurrency; there is no transparency in the management team, the support group is growing smaller daily and finally, when minimal or no development is in progress.

Factors To Evaluate Before Selling Cryptocurrency

  1. Tax implications where long-term capital gains have lower tax rates than short-term gains.
  1. How much you are selling your crypto, particularly if it has inflated in value.


There are several emerging cryptocurrencies and blockchains currently, and knowing which to invest in is a huge step. In this field, timing is the most difficult; knowing when to sell and buy. Researching enough on all of this will result in a successful investment and Alex Gierczyk’s blogs can help.


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